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Hey everyone,

My buddies at the MX-5 Club Poland are organizing a roll bar group buy at one of the best roll cage welders in Poland – Cybul Radical Solutions. These guys have been making rollbars for our Mazdas for a couple of years now and have a spotless reputation. They work with certified welders and their welds are top notch. All bars are built with seamless steel, bent with arborless tube benders. Rollbars are compliant with FIA appendix J standards.

They sell a range of different bars – narrow and short for stock seats, wide and tall for maximum protection, double hoops for easiness of use, etc, but this group buy was started for a custom rollbar design, based on the Blackbird Fabworx GT3 bar. This is an uncompromised design, offering the highest strength and functionality (and it looks pretty good as well!). Key specs:
    NA compatible - 1989-1997
    Compatible with plastic soft tops and hard tops
    Harness bar integrated with the main hoop
    Stock seatbelt mount relocated and integrated into the harness bar
    Double diagonals with reinforcement plates welded at the crossing point
    Straight rear legs
    Powder coated in your colour choice (RAL palette)

Steel specs: E255+N, main hoop 45x2.5, diagonals 40x2.
Mount specs: steel plate 121cm2, fastened with 4 x 8mm bolts.


CRS can make a custom rollbar for around 400 euro, but the more people sign up the cheaper it becomes:

10 pcs: ~310 euro
5 pcs: ~360 euro
1 pc: min. ~400 euro

Shipping to Belgium will cost around 50 euro for a single bar.


I believe we should be able to have the roll bars delivered to Belgium in approximately a month after the group buy finalization. I would like to complete the list by 19th June. Payment will be sent on the 24th June (my birthday, woo hoo!).


We have a couple of people signed up on the group buy list already, but I thought I will extend the offer to my new home region in the Benelux. I will be buying a roll bar regardless, so it could be worthwhile to ship them together on a single pallet. We would then organize a shipment to Belgium and/or Netherlands if there are enough people. I am working near Antwerp, so a collection in person would also be possible. (I have sold and bought a lot of parts on this forum, there are a few who can vouch for me).

More info:

Cybul’s facebook page:
The original group buy thread:
Cybul’s thread with their work:
One of the roll bar listings:

Let me know if you would like to sign up:

1. Paulie

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